Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skin Care Specials



Get ready for Summer Specials.....

Hair Removal Techniques

If hair removal ranks right up there with bathing suit shopping as a dreaded pre-summer chore, we have great news for you! Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth hair removal products make it easier than ever to get super smooth whether you prefer to wax, shave or use a depilatory. And, the Fresh and Smooth line has been completely revamped with a new formula, new scents and a new look.
Not sure which one to use? Consider the benefits of each:
Depilatory: Fast! Hair comes off in as little as 2.5 minutes.
Wax: Long-lasting. Plus, you can skip the salon and wax at home!
Shaving: Easy to do in the shower as often as needed.
To try: New Shower-Off Hair Removal Cream. It’s a real time-saver! Here’s how it works: Apply it to dry skin, then step into the shower and follow your usual routine (it’s water-resistant so it won’t wash right off, but you should try to keep treated parts of your skin out of the direct stream of water). After 3 minutes, check the treated area by wiping a small section with the removal sponge provided. When ready, use the sponge to wipe all treated areas of your skin and rinse well. Bonus: it exfoliates at the same time so your skin will be extra smooth. Follow the complete instructions provided for best results.
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Test your Sun Smarts Q&A

Think you know everything there is to know about the sun, its effects on your skin and what you can do to stay protected?
How much time in advance should you apply sunscreen prior to sun exposure?
Apply sunscreen liberally and evenly at least 15 – 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. Reapply after excessive sweating, perspiring or towel drying.
Do you really need to wear sunscreen every day?
The answer is an absolute YES. Sunscreen should always be applied to skin that will be exposed to the sun. When you consider that the sun’s harmful rays can even penetrate car windows, it makes good sense to apply sunscreen rather than take chances.
How does sunscreen fit into my existing skin care routine?
Simply apply the sunscreen as the final step.
Is there a way to protect skin from the sun while helping to reduce visible signs of aging?
Yes, Anew Sun Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 45 and Anew Sun Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF 30 are formulated with RepairShield Technology, which not only protects skin with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen, but also helps to reduce visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and discolorations.
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Colours you thought you couldn’t wear…

When it comes to colour, sometimes the eye is attracted to bold, fun shades, while the brain is left wondering… “Will that look good on me? Or … Can I really pull that off?” We’re here to tell you the truth behind colour and how everyone, yes everyone, can wear it well.
Today’s formulations are often rich in pigment and high on moisturization. This is particularly true when it comes to lipstick formulas. If you see a colour you like, go ahead and try it. The mix of moisture adds a wearable sheerness to the shades. Moisture Seduction lipstick makes a great choice with its rich, moisture-infused colour.
When it comes to eyes, many new shadows feature high intensity pigments which can create a pop of saturated colour or layered on lightly can deliver a soft n’ natural look. With shadow, it’s all about a light or heavy hand and building intensity till you achieve your desired look. A great place to experiment is with mark on the dot eye color compact.
Mascaras are a great place to experiment with colour. Toss aside your old black for a minute and give navy a try. Yes, navy. You’ll be amazed and how bright the whites of your eyes will appear after a applying a few coats of a Navy mascara like Smooth Minerals Mascara.
Nails are the easiest place to have fun with colour. Bold brights in primary colours and fresh metallics are the new “it” shades. Try Nailwear Pro in Sunshine, Fuchsia, Blue Shock or Tangtastic! Wear them with confidence and think of them as an accessory.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Campaign #9


Conceal imperfections like a Pro!

When it comes to creating the illusion of flawless skin, professional make-up artists have a secret weapon. It’s called a Correcting Palette. By using a mix of correcting colours, they can effectively offset complexion imperfections such as dark circles and redness.
And now, you too can achieve the same results at home, thanks to Jillian Dempsey. Her new Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Corrector Palette, comes with four correcting colours, each with its own concealing purpose:
Lilac: adds a healthy glow
Pink: hides imperfections and dark circles
Apricot: brightens dullness and yellow complexion
Yellow: counteracts redness
Here’s how to apply.
1. Choose the shade needed based on the imperfection that you wish to address.
2. Just dot onto skin, tap in and blend.
3. Then apply your foundation and/or powder as normal.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mothers Day Special!!!!


Mother's Day is May 8th!

Featuring 2 NEW products!

All 5 products for $15
HST included

Deadline for this special offer is
Sunday, April 17th, 2011
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Avon Skin so Soft-More than a bath oil!!

Did you know that AVON's Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil is more than just a bath oil? Just look at the list of uses

1. It's a bath oil.
2. It's an after shower moisturizer.
3. It can be used to remove makeup.
4. It's a suntan oil (not a sunscreen, however).
5. Pour a little in the water of your foot saver to help moisturize your feet while you relax them.
6. It's a hot oil treatment to soften nails.
7. It's a good massage oil for those overworked, sore muscles.
8. It's a good insect repellent for people and their pets (as recommended in Outdoor Life and Field and Stream magazines, plus "Dear Abby").
9. It helps relieve itching caused by insect bites and dry skin.
10. Sponge it on screen and around doors and windows to keep crawling bugs, as well as, flies and mosquitoes out.
11. It's a good wood cleaner, conditioner and polish for natural wood. (Cuts grease and dirt from kitchen cabinets with ease).
12. It removes chewing gum from hair, skin, and most nonporous
13. It removes glue and gum left from price tags and labels
from glass, metal and most plastics.
14. It cleans tape marks left by bandages from skin.
15. It cleans ink from skin and most vinyl and painted surfaces.
16. It gently cleans heavy grease and oil from skin and nonporous
17. It removes soap scum from shower doors, shower curtains, windows, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
18. It removes lime and hard water deposits from windows, fixtures, shower doors and tile.
19. It removes tar spots from car finishes without damaging paint finish.
20. It's an oil lubricant for fitting pipe joints that won't slip together as easily as they used to.
21. It removes paint and stain from skin -- much gentler than turpentine!
22. It cleans paint brushes easily, and leaves them as soft as new.
23. It removes gum from carpet.
24. It cuts grease and dirt from range hoods.
25. It removes candle wax from furniture, carpeting, and clothing.
26. It removes scuff marks from patent leather shoes.
27. It removes Liquid Nail (paneling glue).
28. Two glass bowls or glasses stuck together? Drizzle a little SSS down the sides and they'll come apart easily -- no breakage!
29. It removes "ring around the collar".
30. Wipe down vinyl surfaces inside your car to preserve the vinyl. This article originally appeared in the June 2000 issue of Jet Aviation's Flight Attendant News.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Campaign #9

Orders due April 15 2011

5 Tips for Clearer Skin

hether you suffer from regular or occasional breakouts, changes in season can often trigger a new crop of blemishes. Here are a few simple things that you can do to stop the breakout cycle and reveal a clearer face just in time for spring.
1) Don’t over-cleanse. Skin should be cleansed both morning and night. Over-cleansing strips away your skin’s own natural protective barrier which actually makes it more susceptible to bacteria. Plus, over-cleansing can often make skin oilier since oil glands produce more oil in order to compensate for the natural oils that have been stripped away.
2) Be gentle. People often think that they need to be overzealous in their cleansing routine, when in fact, it’s the total opposite. Always use gentle circular motions when cleansing or exfoliating. Scrubbing will only irritate your skin and aggravate existing breakouts.
3) Never use hot water. Instead, opt for tepid/lukewarm water.
4) Change pillowcases frequently. Oil from your face, hair and hair products can build up on pillowcases. The last thing acne-prone skin needs is more oil and pore-clogging debris.
5) Choose soothing products that are suitable for adult acne. Such formulations are designed to be gentler on skin.
Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment System makes an ideal choice. Just 3 steps, morning and night and you’ll see a difference
in just 3 days!
Take advantage of the special Buy 1 kit, Get 1 Free offer in your Campaign 9 Brochure.

Make your fragrance last…

The trick to making fragrance last while keeping it subtle is to wear your scent in layers. Start with a scented Shower Gel then while your skin is still damp, apply Body Lotion from the same fragrance line. Finish with a spritz of Perfume Spray or Body Spray before you get dressed –
you want the fragrance on your skin, not your clothes.
If your scent is available in a purse size format, you can add a little refresher before heading out for the evening.
Shopping tip: Holidays are a great time to find deals on fragrance and bath & body layering products. Check out the C9 Mother’s Day deals on Haiku, Imari, Eternal Magic and other popular fragrance layering collections, and on Skin So Soft Mineral Gems Diamond Blush and Naturals

Become an Eye Liner Expert

Now you don’t need to shy away form this season’s cat eye trend. Here’s an easy trick to achieve the perfect line. Keep head straight and direct eyes downward as though you are looking at the floor. Then pull eyelid taught with your finger and glide on your liner as close to the lash line as possible. For a more natural look, dab liner into lash-line and blend.