Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colours you thought you couldn’t wear…

When it comes to colour, sometimes the eye is attracted to bold, fun shades, while the brain is left wondering… “Will that look good on me? Or … Can I really pull that off?” We’re here to tell you the truth behind colour and how everyone, yes everyone, can wear it well.
Today’s formulations are often rich in pigment and high on moisturization. This is particularly true when it comes to lipstick formulas. If you see a colour you like, go ahead and try it. The mix of moisture adds a wearable sheerness to the shades. Moisture Seduction lipstick makes a great choice with its rich, moisture-infused colour.
When it comes to eyes, many new shadows feature high intensity pigments which can create a pop of saturated colour or layered on lightly can deliver a soft n’ natural look. With shadow, it’s all about a light or heavy hand and building intensity till you achieve your desired look. A great place to experiment is with mark on the dot eye color compact.
Mascaras are a great place to experiment with colour. Toss aside your old black for a minute and give navy a try. Yes, navy. You’ll be amazed and how bright the whites of your eyes will appear after a applying a few coats of a Navy mascara like Smooth Minerals Mascara.
Nails are the easiest place to have fun with colour. Bold brights in primary colours and fresh metallics are the new “it” shades. Try Nailwear Pro in Sunshine, Fuchsia, Blue Shock or Tangtastic! Wear them with confidence and think of them as an accessory.

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