Friday, March 25, 2011

4 Tips for Packing Light!

Okay, admit it. We’re all guilty of over-packing our luggage at some point in time and bringing way more stuff than we could ever possibly need. So how do we break this bad habit and spend less time at the airport carousel and more time enjoying your destination? Just follow these clever packing tips:

1. Choose multitasking outfits that work for day or night and stick with lightweight fabrics. Prints also make a good choice as wrinkles will show less. Our choices: It’s a long story dress from mark and the One Shoulder Printed top from Avon.

2. You don’t need as many pairs of shoes as you think! Lay your outfits out on the bed, then choose a pair of shoes that coordinate with as many of them as possible. Our choice: The Beaded Toe Loop Sandals from Avon look as great with swimwear as they do with a sundress or capris. If you prefer a little height: The Mirror Reflections Wedge, also from Avon makes a fun and versatile choice.

3. Smaller is better when it comes to traveling with toiletries.
a) Smaller formats take up less room.
b) Keeping your bottles under 100 ml means they meet airport security regulations and are allowed in your carry-on. Our choice: Purchase an Anew Regimen Starter kit. You get a 2-week supply!

  4. Have a few items that might be prone to wrinkling? No problem, just wrap them up in the plastic bags that your dry-cleaning comes in, then place them in your suitcase. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this little trick can make.

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