Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sensitive skin can be happy skin

Sensitive Skin Can Be Happy Skin Does your skin become red and easily irritated due to climate changes, perfumes and detergents? While it can be frustrating at times, you are not alone. You just happen to be one of the millions of people out there with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is a phenomenon that is becoming more and more common due to stress and environmental pollutants.
Here are a few tips that can help you to better cope and keep your skin happy:

1) Always wash your face with lukewarm water, never hot and choose a cleanser designed for sensitive skin types. Mark Calming Effect Comforting Milk Cleanser is a soap-free formula that nourishes as it cleanses.
2) Limit exfoliation to once per week and always follow with a calming moisturizer such as mark Calm & Composed Super-Soothing Moisturizer, an oil-free cream that visibly reduces redness.
3) When it comes to your makeup routine, try lightweight formulas free of irritants. Smooth Minerals Foundation, Powder and Concealer are talc-free and are actually good for your skin. They help to reduce the look of redness while calming, plus they provide buildable coverage so you can adjust to your skin’s needs on any given day.
4) For eyes, Smooth Minerals Mascara is an ideal choice. Formulated with botanical extracts, it’s featherlight and suitable for even sensitive eyes. So you see, relief is in sight. Keep your cool and give these options a try.

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