Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eyeliner 101: Tips & Tricks you need to know!

 While eyeliner remains a staple in just about everyone’s beauty bag, there are a few tricks that can make all the difference.
Do you find it hard to apply liquid eyeliner in a clean straight line?
Instead of looking at the mirror, try looking down. Do this by placing a mirror on your countertop, pull the corner of your eye taught and look down into the mirror while applying it. This little trick will help to ensure that the liner actually ends up where you are trying to apply it.
Does your pencil eyeliner keep getting eaten up by your sharpener?
Try placing the pencil in the freezer for a bit. This will help to harden the tip and make it easier and cleaner to sharpen.
Want a thicker looking lash line?
Try wiggling your eyeliner under the roots of your upper lashes, then finish with a few coats of mascara.

Want eyes to appear wider-set?
Apply liner at the midway point then extend outward.
Want eyes to appear more close-set?
Apply liner starting from inner corners and stop just before the outer edge.

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