Monday, October 4, 2010

Not just bubble bath.......

There seems to be a lot more people that are Eco-savvy so here are a couple of your favorite Avon products with multiple uses that are safe for your home and your family! As well as being easy on your wallet!

Your favorite Bubble Bath is more that just your bath time friend!

1.Refill for liquid soap,mild on hands-add a touch of sss bath oil.
2. Use as a hair shampoo.
3. As a dog shampoo-the dogs coat will shine.
4. Eliminates bath ring -great companion to SSS Bath Oil. Dries tub to clean shine.
5. Cleans bathroom vanity. No water spots!
6. Cleans combs and brushes & leaves no film.
7. Add to children's wading pool. Great big Bubble Bath outside PLUS it cleans the childs pool.
8. Add to cleaning water for cars,aluminum or vinyl siding,campers or trailers. On cars leaves wax-like protective coating & watermarks rinse off.
9. Removes stains when used on your laundry.
10. Use 1 or 2 cap full instead of harsh detergents in your washing machine
11. Great for lingerie.(Use bubble bath instead of Woolite wash in cold water)
12. Wash your walls.
13. Wipe and clean your furniture.
14. Use on windows, shower doors, etc.
15. Wash your crystal with it.
16. Mop floors with it. It will cut through many shoe marks.
17. Shampoo carpets, vinyl, and fabrics with it.
18. Remove wax build up. (Use straight from bottle with scouring pad and wipe with dry towel)
19. Leaves TV screen clean-no streaking-wipe with dry cloth.
20. Wash and clean cabinets in any room of home.
21. Great cleanser for mini blinds.
22. Great all around cleanser.

 Try using your Avon Bubble Bath for one of the above uses and leave a comment on what you did and how it worked and be qualified to


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