Wednesday, October 20, 2010


With the cold weather starting to set in, you may have noticed that your favourite summer scent not only smells a little different, but seems out of place. Well, you’re not mistaken… There’s a reason why we tend to gravitate towards lighter scents in the summer and heavier scents in the fall. It’s all about chemistry. Here’s why:

In summer, our skin’s own natural oils are more prevalent, which can actually affect a fragrance’s chemistry and intensify or alter the original scent. This is the reason why lighter fragrances are often a more optimal choice in warmer weather.
However in winter, we perspire less, skin tends to be drier and heavier scents with more depth can be worn without being affected.

If you’re looking for a new fall blend to make the switch to, check out these lovely scents:

If you prefer floral, oriental essences with just a hint of masculinity, then Mirada is a must! Make it last throughout the day by layering Mirada Shower Gel & Body Lotion. (New in C25)

If you’re looking for a fresh, slightly sweet, woodsy blend, then Herve Leger Femme (new in C23) is a modern and seductive choice.

And if you prefer a fruity floral that can hold its own even into fall, then Fergie’s debut fragrance: Outspoken is sure to be your new favourite. Layer it with Outspoken body lotion and wear the scented pendant for a midday refresh.

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