Sunday, September 5, 2010

Revive your blowout!

Revive your blowout!
Wish you could hang on to that salon-style the next day? Revive a blowout with these easy
at-home tricks:
1. Take 3 large Velcro rollers and roll your face-framing strands: Place one at the top of your hairline and one at each temple. We love Conair’s Mega Self-Grip Rollers in C22.
2. Next, mist the rolled strands with hairspray or volumizing gel to help dry up any oil and set hair in place. We like Advance Techniques Volumizing Spray Gel.
3. Blast the rollers with heat from your blow dryer, then leave hair to cool for about 5 minutes.
4. Remove rollers, then gently comb through or fluff with your fingers.
The result: Fresh, full, salon-style strands in minutes! Now wasn’t that easy?

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