Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do I need a base coat?

For many of us, the base coat remains a bit of a mystery. You’ve heard of it, but why do you
need it?
For starters, base coats help to smooth out imperfections in the nail and create a bond onto which your nail colour can better adhere. The result: A more seamless and long lasting finish.
Another plus, base coats can help prevent staining to the nail bed. A real concern for those who regularly wear nail enamel!
And last, but not least, base coats prevent colour from seeping into fissures and ridges in the nail bed, which actually makes it easier and faster to remove nail colour without leaving behind any tell-tale signs of your previous shade.
Discover the beauty of the basecoat for yourself with Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings
Base Coat.

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