Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Younger-looking Eye Tricks!
Dark circles and puffy eyes got you down?
No worries, create the illusion of well rested eyes in just 2 easy steps: Keep a metal spoon handy in your makeup bag, run it under cold water, then apply the backside to each eye for a few minutes. Or save time by cooling 2 spoons. Follow it up with Anew Age Transforming Concealer, which helps diffuse the look of dark shadows, under eye lines and wrinkles.

Eyes in need of a little lift?
Over the years, our eye contours can change leaving eyes looking a little droopy or fatigued, but there is a quick n’ easy fix. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. A few crimp n’ hold motions and your eyes will instantly widen and look more awake; Then top with a curling mascara, such as Super Curlacious Mascara.

Wish your eyes looked more awake?
Highlight your brow bone! Simply take a pearl or champagne shade of shadow such as Perfect Wear Extralasting Powder Eyeshadow and apply along your browbone (this is the area above your lid and below your brow), then blend to soften. Another great choice: Anew Youth Awakening Eyeshadow & Primer kit, it includes everything you need - all in one, from shadow, to highlighter and a primer infused with anti-aging serum that fills in fine lines!

Just a few easy steps to eyes that let you reveal your beauty, not your age.

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