Monday, July 26, 2010

Accessories - the new rules!

Accessories are the best wasy to breathe new life into a old outfit or complete the look of a new one. With so many great styles to choose from and trends changing faster than ever, it can sometimes be tricky to stay on top of what's "in". So what's the secret?

1 Find your focal point – Have you chosen to wear a big statement piece, ie: bold necklace, oversized cuff or chandelier earrings? A safe approach is to let one stunning piece be the focus and keep the other pieces small in impact.

2 Find your space – No one likes overcrowding and the same applies to accessories. Don’t be afraid to layer pieces as long as they’re not too close together. Long earrings and a cuff work better than long earrings and a multi-strand necklace.

3 Mix n’ match metals – Don’t worry about mixing metals, but do try to stick to accessory styles that harmonize. For example, you wouldn’t pair “evening glam styles” with “workday basics.”

4 Respect your wardrobe – Don’t force an accessory to fit your wardrobe, instead be inspired by your wardrobe when choosing your accessories. Consider matching the accessory with an element of colour from the clothes you’re wearing.

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